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Magento Front End Developer Certification Exam

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Exam Version: 6.1
Question No : 1 -

In layout XML, which of the following action methods would you use to define the block
identifier on a block of type cms/block?

  • A. <action method="addBlockId">
  • B. <Action method= “setStaticBlock”>
  • C. <action method="setBlockName”>
  • D. <action method="setBlockId">

Answer : D

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Question No : 2 -

You want to figure out which phtml-files are rendering in the front end. Which developer
tool helps you do that?

  • A. Profiler
  • B. Exception.log
  • C. Block Class Names
  • D. Template Path Hints
  • E. System.log

Answer : D

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Question No : 3 -

You want to add a block to the content of the product detail page, without having to modify
a template.
Which three container blocks are rendered regardless of product type and configuration?
(Choose THREE.)

  • A. alert.urls
  • B.
  • C.
  • D. .wrapper.bottom
  • E.
  • F.
  • G.
  • H.

Answer : A,B,E

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Question No : 4 -

In layout XML, which tag attributes are always used when configuring a template block?
(Choose THREE.)

  • A. as
  • B. name
  • C. type
  • D. value
  • E. before
  • F. module
  • G. template

Answer : B,C,G

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Question No : 5 -

You have added some HTML to a custom template located at
template/mytemplates/custom.phtml. Which code snippet is the correct way to create a
block for custom.phtml in the layout XML?

  • A. <block type=“core/template” name=“custom” template=“mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>
  • B. <block type=“core/template” name=“custom” template=“template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>
  • C. <block type=“custom1’ name=“custom” template=“template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>
  • D. <block type=“custom” name=“custom” template=“mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>

Answer : A

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Question No : 6 -

Given the HTML and CSS shown below, which attribute would clear the floated columns if
applied to the grid element?

  • A. clear:both
  • B. clear:left
  • C. display:block
  • D. display:inline
  • E. overflow:auto
  • F. overflow:hidden

Answer : F

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it seems a wrong answer. please explain it.

Question No : 7 -

Which three types of file are contained in the folder "skin/" in Magento? (Choose THREE.)

  • A. CSS
  • B. Image
  • C. JavaScript
  • D. Layout
  • E. Template
  • F. Translate

Answer : A,B,C

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Question No : 8 -

What is the proper layout update handle for adding a CSS file to the product page?

  • A. <product>
  • B. <catalog_product>
  • C. <catalog_product_view>
  • D. <default>

Answer : C

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Question No : 9 -

Which XML layout handle is used to assign layout configurations to all pages of a store?

  • A. All
  • B. Base
  • C. Root
  • D. Every
  • E. Default

Answer : E

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Question No : 10 -

Which three of the following action method(s) are valid ways to add custom JavaScript
files? (Choose THREE.)

  • A. <action method=”addJ”>< xscript>example.js</script></action>
  • B. <action method=”addScript” ><type>js</type><src>example.js</src></action>
  • C. <action method="addJs">< type>skin_js</typexname></name></action>
  • D. <action method=”addltem><type>skin_js</type><name>example-js</namex/action>
  • E. <action method= “newItem” >< “type>js</type><script>example.js</script></action>
  • F. <action method=”addScript”><script>example.js</script></action>
  • G. <action method= “addItem" ><type>js</typexname>example.js</name ></action>

Answer : A,D,G

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Question No : 11 -

You want to add the file “somescript.js” in a template. The JS-file is in the folder “root:
js/lib”. Which piece of code should you use?

  • A. $this->getItemurl(‘lib/somescript.js’)
  • B. $this->getskinurl(‘lib/somescript.js’)
  • C. $this->getJsUrl(‘lib/somescript.js’)
  • D. $this->getFileurl(‘lib/somescript.js’)
  • E. $this->getLibUrl(‘lib/somescript.js’)

Answer : C

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Question No : 12 -

You want to use layout XML to specify the order of child blocks in a structural block. Which
two of the following tag attributes would you use? (Choose TWO.)

  • A. Behind
  • B. After
  • C. Previous
  • D. Next
  • E. Before
  • F. Below

Answer : B,E

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Question No : 13 -

You want to load my-file.js only on the exam' CMS page. In native Magento, which two of
the following statements are true? (Choose TWO.)

  • A. You must create exam.xml and put the appropriate XML inside the <cms_page_exam> layout handle,
  • B. You must make sure that my-file.js is present in app
  • C. You must add appropriate XML to the CMS Layout-Update-XML textarea of the exam CMS page.
  • D. You must add <?php echo $this->getChildJs (‘js/my-file.js’); ?> to head.phtml .
  • E. You must make sure you are not using a layout handle in the Layout-Update-XML textarea of the "exam" CMS page.

Answer : C,E

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Question No : 14 -

Which of the following is a native frontend layout handle in Magento?

  • A. catalog_product_details
  • B. catalog_category_list
  • C. checkout_onepage_shippingmethod
  • D. customer_account_default
  • E. multiple_addresses_progress

Answer : C

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Question No : 15 -

You want to add additional XML (Additional XML Declaration) to an existing layout block.
Which is the proper tag for adding it?

  • A. <reference type=“block”>Additional XML Declaration</ reference>
  • B. <action method= addNewBlock><block name>Additional XML Declaration <I block name></ action>
  • C. <reference name=“”>Additional XML Declaration</reference>
  • D. <method action= “setBlockContent”><xml>Additional XML Declaration</xml></method>

Answer : C

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Exam Version: 6.1